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The Interior of Sam's Giardino

The heart of our guesthouse must be the Enoteca Restaurant!
It serves not only for breakfast and dinner times but as guests' living room during the day when they are looking for a quiet spot to write their postcards over a cup of coffee. At night, they retreat to its cosy corners when socialising around the bar is not their "thing", or simply linger on, after a sumptuous meal, for a chat with their loved ones ... or with us.

 Sam's Gardino - Enota Restaurant & Bar

The Enoteca Restaurant & Bar

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Amenities in the Reader's Lodge at Sam's Giardino

Amenities in the upstairs Reader's Lounge:

- guest computer with free Internet access for browsing, uploading photos & web-mail

- infothek to plan your tour through southern Africa

- self-help counter for free water & coffee/tea during daytimes

- cozy seating for reading and having a chat in private

- access to upstairs guest rooms

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Our Restaurant is surrounded by:

TV Lounge at Sam's Giardino
A downstairs Lounge with German & English satellite bouquets (Satelio & DStv), Hifi Set, books, maps, postcards, Swakopmund excursion brochures, comfort chairs, and much more - situated right next to reception and foyer .
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Breakfast on a Sunday morning in the Giardino's restaurant
Breakfast scene at the Giardino's restaurant, as seen when entering from the 1st floor guest rooms.
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Swakop River Asperagus in a home-made Sauce Hollandaise - Sam's Giardino, Namibia
Another one of our seasonal dinner entrees and firm favourite amongst guests:
fresh green asperagus from the Swakop River Valley in a home-made Sauce Hollandaise. Yummy!
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Cosy upstairs Reader's Lounge at Sam's Giardino Breakfast preparations at Sam's Giardino Sam's Giardino - early morning breakfast impression at Christmas

Left: Cozy seating at the upstairs Reader's Lodge - in that back, access to upstairs guest rooms
Middle: Bar counter prepared for breakfast
Right: Early morning breakfast impression at Christmas time 






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